Squarespace, Wix versus YouDoCMS

Compare the costs and features of YouDoCMS, Wix and Squarespace to find the best and most cost-effective website builder for personal or small business use.

Building a new site or switching from an existing CMS. Take advantage of the additional speed and security of a JAMstack static site hosted for free in the cloud. We compare the features and benefits of YouDoCMS , Wix and Squarespace website builders for small business. Our comparison table highlights the features, benefits and costs of each platform.

Comparison table YouDoCMS vs Squarespace vs WordPress. 

Free Version
Dec 2022
Combo Plan
Dec 2022
Full Version
Annual Cost GBP £0 £144 £90 £50
Content Management
GUI Editor
Custom CSS
Media Manager
Responsive Images
Storage GB 1 1000 pages 2 100
Free Hosting
Local Preview
Site Backup
Structured Data
404 errors
Multi-user 2
Multiple Sites
Free Templates
Web Log Analytics Limited
Flesch Readability
SEO Keyphrase
Web Log Parser


Save Time and Money?

When compared to Wix and Squarespace YouDoCMS is without doubt the cheapest website builder furthermore for small business and personal YouDoCMS static site are faster, flexible and more secure. Okay there is some inconvenience, you have to download and install the application and occasionally update but thereafter a native application faster for editing and creating content saving you time.

Secure by design?

Hosted CMS are a target for hackers. For example Version 5 of WordPress has been updated 80+ times since the original release of version 5.0. The majority of the updates are security releases to prevent hackers gaining access to a site. Static websites generated off-line are secure by default and cannot be hacked.

Web Log Parser

AWS CloudFront and Azure both offer server logs included in the free plan. Cloudflare also supports logs (paid). YouDoCMS integrates with CloudFront to download and import the logs on demand. Server logs offer a number of benefits compared to JavaScript site analytics because they cannot be blocked by trackers in the browser. Server logs inc 404 errors occurring due to missing content for example when you update or rename a page. YouDoCMS includes automatic deployment of rewrite rules to avoid 404 errors from old non-existent url requests. 

Site Analytics

YouDoCMS includes server log analytics which is linked to your content to provide common metrics such as entry and exit pages, bounce rate, visitor geolocation and search engine crawl monitoring. AWS CloudFront and Azure both offer analysis via the server logs which means you do not need JavaScript tracking. Firebase is reliant upon Google analytics which can be blocked by browser extensions. However if you are an existing Google analytics user then Firebase is the best option. Cloudflare also provides JavaScript analytics (paid). See site analytics.

Site Backup

YouDoCMS inherently includes redundancy because you build a static version of the site therefore you always have the most recent copy available both locally and in the cloud. YouDoCMS also includes a whole site backup of the static pages, images, template's and the database. This functionality is included in both the free and paid for versions.

Site Search

Wix and Squarespace incorporate fulltext search of the entire site. This is achieved by indexing pages and posts and dynamically searching the database. Together with the ability to login this is the feature most frequently targeted by hackers.  YouDoCMS integrates with with Algolia instant search to update the search index every time you build pages and deploy the site.


Speed and Security

Faster speed is known metric for Google particularly for content-focused websites. The visitor is less likely to spend time reading your content the longer they have to wait for the page to load.  Data collected for the 2022 Website Almanac show Squarespace and Wix score badly on the Lighthouse performance metric with a score of 40%. For mobile Wix is 29% and Squarespace achieves a very poor score of 19%

Similarly, the BBC has released information showing that every 1 second delay equates to 10% fewer visitors. Overall speeds matters.

  • Sites load 50% faster.
  • Faster sites have a higher search ranking.
  • 100% lighthouse score.
  • 100% secure cannot be hacked.
Go Serverless

“If you need multiple users and prefer to use a hosted system then Wix or Squarespace are a great option.

If you are maintaining two or three non e-commerce websites and would like to reduce your hosting costs then YouDoCMS can save you £100 per year per site.”

Paul Dennis