Always Free Plan

$99 year
  • 3 Sites
  • Import Joomla 
  • Import WordPress
  • New Static Sites
  • Media Import
  • Modules & Widgets
  • Responsive Images
  • SEO Keyphrase
  • SEO Meta/JSON-LD
  • Site Builder
  • Tags Import
  • Template Library
  • HTML Minify
  • Responsive Srcset
  • Reading Score
  • Related Keyphrase
  • Task Manager
  • Yoast Import
  • URL 404 Trace
  • Web Log Download
  • Web Crawler
  • AWS CloudFront
  • Azure Edge
  • Cloudflare Pages
  • Google Firebase
  • GitHub Pages
  • Community Support

Power  Plan

$499 year
  • Unlimited Sites
  • E Commerce
  • Stripe Payments
  • Supabase Integration
  • Priority Support
Coming Soon

The standard plan features 12 months access to YouDoCMS advanced features and deployment to all supported cloud providers, search engine optimisation, web log import and analytics plus 12 months updates with priority support. After the 12 month period the software reverts to the free plan if the subscription is not renewed. Our licence agreement is here.

By clicking "subscribe" above, you acknowledge and agree that YouDo Limited will use your personal data to administer your account and provide the product you requested. We will never sell your personal data to any third parties for marketing purposes.  Please check our Privacy Policy for more details. 

The software can be downloaded from the downloads page. To register the software choose File - Registration and enter your email address to register the software. You will receive a unique key via email. Copy and paste the key into the registration form and your software will be activated.

Customer support is available via email or preferably using our discourse community forum. Our normal working hours are Monday to Friday 09:00 to 18:00 GMT. YouDoCMS is a desktop application available for Windows 7,8 and 10 x64 and OSX 10.14+. After installation routine you will need to register the software with a valid email address.

Pricing FAQ

If you don't see an answer to your question, you can send us an email from our contact form.

Our software is a perpetual license with 12 months support and updates. It is not a subscription and you are not automatically renewed. After the 12 month period the software reverts to free mode if you do not purchase another licence.

YouDoCMS integrates with the stripe payments platform and we accept all major cards.

Please register on our community forum for technical support. We do not automatically renew the software licence. The software will prompt you to renew to continue using advanced features after the 12 months has expired.

We do not retain any credit card information whatsoever and your data will never be resold. We only collect minimal information to provide a sales receipt for your payment.

You will receive a payment receipt from stripe by email.

We do not have a policy to provide discounts as we offer a free version and the advanced features are inexpensive. We would consider providing the software free of charge to individuals who are disabled.

Our free edition includes all of the functionality for you to import and create a static site. Please see the table above which outlines the difference between the free and paid versions.

Our software does not use a password. Registration is confirmed by email with the unique key which is tied to your registration email. This is not an online platform therefore password resetting is not required.

Email Support

In addition to the community support on our forum. Professional users can  email Monday to Friday 9-6 GMT.

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Template Library

Our Github library of templates is updated regularly.


Multi Cloud

The simplest way to compare cloud providers. Build and deploy to each platform without code.

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