Task Manager

Keeping a website up-to-date and tracking changes to content is a time-consuming process. In developing this program we decided to incorporate a simple task manager for users to track the changes they have made or plan to do. 

It's basic but it works and it's in the right place, where you need it, when you want it. Tasks can be grouped by category and allocated to users.

  • Simple ToDo tasks with schedule.
  • Link to site articles or category.
  • Task completion status.
  • Set task priority.
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Plan and Track

Always forgetting where you left off last time you edited a site ?  Keeping track of planned updates is a chore, still using paper ? 

  • Browse outstanding and completed tasks.
  • Create global or tasks per site/domain.
  • Fast search.
  • Organise with categories.
More Details

User and Sites.

YouDoCMS is primarily a single-user application. Import includes all CMS users for reference. Set the defualt user to include the author name when you publish your blog. 

Our application supports multiple users from multiple sites and database connections. Manage multiple static websites with different domains, templates and CDN's.

  • CMS users and groups imported.
  • Set author as default User 
  • Assign tasks to user.
  • Import from Joomla and Wordpress