Media Manager

Browse your images just like your favourite CMS. Use our media manager to manager your image library. Integrated with the HTML editor your images are available and all URL paths match your original CMS template. 

  • Browse, create thumbnails and resize images.
  • Image information including page list.
  • 4x responsive image sizes.
  • Static URL'S match the CMS originals.
responsive-size.png responsive-sizes.png

Responsive Images.

Resize your primary images to incorporate responsive sizing. Define a naming scheme and batch resize all images to optimise image loading speed on desktop or mobile. The srcset attribute of the img tag allows you to set responsive images the browser can use depending on the pixel density or window width. By updating the HTML when you build a static page you do not need an image server.

  • Resize selected images.
  • Naming scheme append to file name.
  • Multiple formats.
  • Parse html and auto update img tag.

task manager?

We have included a task manager .


Build Dashboard

Our control panel provides an overview of your page builds.

Simple ToDo's

Use the task manager to create draft contents and new topics. Keep track of your ideas to refresh your content and keep on top of your search engine rankings.

Schedule Tasks

Our scheduler can be used to publish new content to a timetable if you have announcements and news releases to incorporate into your site.

Task Draft Content

Creating new content is not easy. Use the task manager to keep track of your ideas and create draft content.