CDN Integrated Headless CMS


Making headless CMS integration with leading serverless cloud providers simple.

YouDoCMS headless CMS cloud API integrates with the each of the major cloud providers to integrate your static site with their content delivery network. Manage content offline, build and deploy to AWS Cloudfront, Microsoft Azure, Google Firebase, CloudFlare Pages and Github. Simplify the setup of the CDN for your static site and compare options to find the best hosting provider for your next project.

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Compare CDN

Core web vitals, LCP.  Test which CDN gives the best results (clue they are not all the same).

Compare Features

Pretty URL's, server logs, static site rollback, DNS registry.  YouDoCMS makes testing easy.

Compare Costs

Maximum storage, best free plan, low cost domain names. With YouDoCMS compare the real costs.

Compare Setup

Not all projects are the same and neither are CDN's. Find out how easy it is to setup static site hosting for different use cases. 


How to choose the best CDN?

Which cloud static site hosting and CDN is best for your next project. YouDoCMS deploys to all 5 CDN's from a single application.

Compare CDN

Common Questions

If you don't see an answer to your question, try our forum or the template library on github.

The simple answer is yes. Each site can have multiple cloud providers. Build to each static website hosting platform without losing the settings when you switch.

The major cloud providers offer similar basic functionality. Although some are more advanced than others. This is covered in depth in our documentation.

In our testing during February 2022. CloudFlare is the fastest CDN. See this blog article.

Google firebase is the best free plan (Oct 2022) if you require plenty of storage. On the other hand Github Pages is is always free providing you meet the requirements for public repository.