CMS Settings

CMS Import and Setup

MySQL Connect

YouDoCMS includes a connector to the MySQL database. To import your data from Joomla! or WordPress you need the IP address or domain name of the host, the name of the database plus your username and password. This information is usually available in the control panel of your host system for example if you are using Plesk or cPanel. 

Import Data

Use the test connection button to ensure you have a connection to your database before importing. If the database connection is successful the table prefix will be updated. Use the reset database button to display the import options then import your data.
On import we automatically determine the MySQL table prefixes and import the content into our data file. All category and page relations are maintained as are the relationships between the menus, modules and widgets.
If you are testing or believe you have made a mistake just reset and it will clear the database and start from scratch.

A new domain is created matching the content management system of your choice. Depending on your original CMS settings we will convert the PHP links into search engine friendly URLs where the new static site URLs match the original CMS. 

Any links embedded in pages, posts, categories or articles are automatically rewritten as static links to the new pages.The domain settings page is displayed to set up your site. See Create Domain

FTP Import

The built-in FTP browser allows you to import your static resources for example images from the CMS into your WebFolder on the local machine. FTP import will replicate the folder structure on your CMS to ensure that all references to static data are maintained.

Test the connection to your site then choose Add Folder to open the FTP browser and select the folder to download. If you are replicating your CMS using the same template you will also need to FTP import the template resources i.e. the CSS and JavaScript files used by the template.