Website Builder for Mac and Windows.

Free themes and multiple sites.

Host for free in the cloud with YouDoCMS.

Create Build and Host on

AWS, Cloudflare, Google Firebase, Github Pages and Azure.


Desktop Website Builder

A content management system for Mac and Windows running on your local machine. Create a website with similar features to WordPress, Wix or Squarespace without the hassle of a server and the speed of a native application. Keep your data private with no server to setup and secure by default. Control your costs, no surprise build or hosting fees.

  • Free version, compare features.
  • Pages, Posts, Categories and Tags.
  • Menus, Breadcrumbs and Widgets.
  • Responsive Image sizing.
  • JSON-LD structured data.
  • TinyMCE HTML Editor.
Free Website Builder


A headless CMS for Mac and Windows to manage content, generate static pages and much more.


Create Content

Create content with a GUI just like Joomla or WordPress. Set publishing dates and organise articles/pages/posts with categories. Create menus to blogs, categories, pages and posts. 

Learn Headless


Our library of templates is updated frequently on GitHub. Three templates are included in the default installation. These serve as a starter to demonstrate the ease of use of our website builder.

Bootstrap Templates

SEO Optimise

Our desktop application includes Google structured data to SEO optimise every page. Learn how to implement SEO for a static site.

Learn SEO

Publish Site

Build and test locally with our staging server. Single click deploy a live site to the cloud. 


Multiple Cloud CDN.

YouDoCMS is integrated with the five major cloud CDN providers. Build and deploy a static site with a single click no more command line. Deploy to AWS, Cloudflare, GitHub Pages, Google Firebase and Microsoft Azure Static Web App.

YouDoCMS is integrated with Node.js and each cloud provider API or CLI. No need to learn five different sets of commands if deploying sites to different providers.

  • Integrated with Cloud API/CLI.
  • Custom Domains and SSL.
  • CDN cache validation.
  • Compare CDN Hosting.
  • Algolia Search Index.
  • Node API.
CDN Integration

Speed up your site and improve your search ranking.

Static sites are faster and more secure than traditional CMS such as Joomla! and WordPress. The 2022 of the Web Almanac highlights the poor lighthouse scores of CMS. If you are looking to boost your search ranking migrating to a static site is the best place to start. YouDoCMS can import Joomla! and WordPress sites and deploy to a cloud CDN.






On mobile where speed really matters...

Fact, 53% of mobile site visitors leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load, according to global Google analytics data from March 2016.







Use Existing Template

Import the HTML, CSS and JavaScript from your existing CMS to replicate your site serverless fast and without effort.

All Page Layouts

Single pages, lists of posts, blogs, category lists. All common CMS page types are supported.

Time Saving Features

Managing multiple sites and editing pages Is a simple as Joomla & WordPress. The difference is speed.