AWS Certificate Manager


  1. Go to file preferences Amazon CloudFront tab. A certificate request can be made via DNS or email. Either way you will need to amend entries in your DNS settings for the domain so the best option is to use DNS verification.
  2. If you are a route 53 user we can automatically create the DNS records for you if not you will need to manually create the DNS records with your service provider.

  3. Use the request certificate button to submit a request to AWS certificate manager which will reply with the status pending. The certificate will not be issued until the DNS is updated.
  4. The response from AWS will provide the CNAME and value properties for the record you need to create in your DNS settings. Go to your provider and create a new CNAME record using the prefix without your domain name on the end. For example from file preferences copy the CNAME and value information to paste into your DNS settings..CNAME = _99d1d7d2cf2c432de8ce28905a95461b (DO NOT INC YOUR DOMAIN)
    CNAME Value =

  5.  After creating the new DNS record you can use the refresh certificate button to update our application when the certificate is issued. This usually takes a few minutes it is not instant.