AWS Configuration

YouDoCMS is integrated with the Amazon commandline application (CLI). The AWS CLI can control the full range of AWS services. Create a managed domain with route 53, create and update an S3 buckets to store your files, issue SSL certificates for a domain and most importantly create an origin on the CloudFront CDN connected to an S3 bucket to publish your website. 

YouDoCMS supports multiple domains/sites and you can store the credentials for each site enabling you to deploy with these.

To get started you need to create an account and download and install the AWS CLI. If you are a first-time user with a small site AWS as a free-tier so you can utilise all of the functionality free of charge for 12 months.

Windows Downloads Page

Mac OS

The basic steps to enable the AWS cloud for YouDoCMS are as follows.

  1. AWS account and download and install the CLI program
  2. Create new user in identity account management.
  3. Save the AWS security token and secret key IMPORTANT
  4. Update File Preferences with your token and key plus the path to your designated WebFolder for the domain and the path to the AWS CLI