Microsoft Azure Setup


  1. Windows users download the CLI MSI installer from the Azure github repository and install.
  2. YouDoCMS supports the Azure CLI on  Mac. To install please see the Microsoft guide
  3. After installing the CLI restart YouDoCMS and go to settings where you should see that our application has recognised that the CLI has been successfully installed. 

  4. The command line application is called by YouDoCMS to manage your Azure resources and storage including single click deployment of your static website.

Create Account

  1. Create an account for the Microsoft Azure Portal  "" if you do not have one. Please read our article about the Microsoft free trial subscription. Microsoft requires you to enter payment details however basic static website hosting is free of charge for up to 2 custom domains.
  2. Create a default subscription to be used for your site. Copy the subscription ID from the portal into our application Settings - Microsoft Azure - Subscription ID field.

    azure subscription

  3. Enter a name for your resource group (this can be anything).
  4. Enter a name for the storage account. This will be associated with the resource group so it makes sense to relate the two names.
  5. Use the login button this will prompt you to login to your Microsoft account via the command line interface. This is a silent login and you will be directed to the browser. After successfully logging in return to our application.
  6.  Choose the option to refresh and our application will check for the existence of the resource group and storage account and return "not exists".
  7. Use the create CDN profile button and the command line interface will create your resource group and storage account together with the CDN endpoints on Microsoft Azure. The status is updated to "OK" after the CDN has been created.


  8. In your azure portal you will now see the newly created resource group plus the bucket and cdn endpoint.