Free Bootstrap Templates

YouDoCMS Bootstrap Templates.


Choose Templates

Our library of templates is updated frequently on GitHub. Three templates are included in the default installation. These serve as a starter to demonstrate the ease of use of our website builder.


Set file Paths

YouDoCMS supports multiple sites. For each site set the default template and choose the local path on your computer to store the built pages before uploading to a cloud provider.


Build Site

YouDoCMS includes a built-in website builder to preview the website on your local machine. This can be used for testing and previewing new content before you go live.

Example Sites

The free website builder includes 3 examples using templates from Bootstrapious.

Two examples are using WordPress style navigation and one is using Joomla! If you are familiar with either of these content management systems, then the content creation and navigation should be familiar. If you have not used WordPress or Joomla! choose the example the meets your use case.

All templates are 100% responsive and work perfectly on the majority of the devices. As a static site you can achieve a 100% score on Google Page Insights.


Universal Template

Universal is a clean and stylish Bootstrap 5 HTML5 template with a beautiful multipurpose layout and unique design. Thanks to the easy-to-use administrative interface and original components, this premium template will become an excellent base for your projects. Universal is an adaptable theme and will suit any business or company.

It is one of the most complex free Bootstrap templates and one of the most popular Bootstrap freebies ever created. It is built in high quality and with a crisp, beautiful design.

The package will help you get a head start on your project, so you can focus on the content and functionality of your website instead of spending hours and hours on making it look good and user-friendly.

  • 45-page types.
  • 11-pages Bootstrap elements showcase.
  • Slideshow.
  • Team members and contact details.
Getting Started

IT Worker Template 

IT Worker could be your new perfect portfolio template. It contains all the necessary elements for a successful portfolio, is based on one of the latest Bootstrap versions and is fully responsive.

This free template comes with many cool features including: - Image slider for each referenced project, - Filterable portfolio, - Testimonials carousel, - Cool on-page animations, - Styled leaflet.js map, - Animated counters for projects with parallax background, - 6 colour schemes.


  • Contact page with map (leaflet.js).
  • Image slider and Counters.
  • Portfolio with Modal.
  • Services and Testimonials.
Getting Started

Material Design Admin Dashboard 

Bootstrap Dashboard is a free Bootstrap 5 template. It is a dashboard/admin template and contains 6 responsive HTML pages. This template comes with 6 colour variants for you to choose from.

  • Intro dashboard / Overview.
  • Charts and tables.
  • Login and registration forms.
  • Navbar and collapsible sidebar.
Getting Started

Media Library.

Import all of your existing images via FTP from your WordPress site. The folder structure is recreated so all of the image URLs within your pages and posts remain valid.

  • Import to a local folder via FTP.
  • Preview images on your local machine.
  • Batch resize images to create responsive formats.
  • Local image paths are available to the TinyMCE editor.

App Features

YouDoCMS is the only app you need to create fast responsive serverless websites.

Cloud Integration

Deploy your static site to all of the major cloud providers including automatic cache validation to update the site on the CDN.

Static Site Builder

Static sites are faster and more secure. Build local and deploy to cloud without paying for builds.

Local Site Previews

YouDoCMS includes a zero-configuration Web server allowing instant previews of a page or site.

Responsive Images

Optimise your site with responsive images. Automatically create up to 4 thumbnail images using preset dimensions.

Theme Library

YouDoCMS Includes a free open-source template library on GitHub.

Structured Data

YouDoCMS is Integrated with the database to ensure your pages have the correct classification. Generate Google structured data in the preferred JSON LD format.