Algolia Instant Search


Algolia Site Search

Site search in WordPress and Joomla! use the server to generate indexes of the page content. However static websites do not include search functionality by default. 

To add search to a static site YouDoCMS integrates with Algolia. On site build an index is generated from the content of the pages of your site. This is uploaded to Algolia and via the API search can be incorporated on all or selected pages. 

  • Create Algolia Index.
  • Update index on site build.
  • Set search target url.
  • Single click install Algolia CLI.
More Details
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Search Results.

Algolia search results can include some or all of the information incorporated into the index. The format of the search results can be a simple single line or include meta description, publication date and author.

  • Custom search results format.
  • Define selected content to index.
  • Index SEO focus key phrase.
  • Low code example boilerplate JavaScript.

task manager?

We have included a task manager.


Task Categories

New ideas for content. Organise editing tasks into categories and simplify keeping your site up to date.

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Simple ToDo's

Use the task manager to create draft contents and new topics. Keep track of your ideas to refresh your content and keep on top of your search engine rankings. 

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Schedule Tasks

Our scheduler can be used to publish new content to a timetable if you have announcements and news releases to incorporate into your site.

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Task Draft Content

Creating new content is not easy. Use the task manager to keep track of your ideas and create draft content. 

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