Free Website Builder

How to create a free website in 3 steps.


Create a domain and choose a template

You can create as many as you like with no extra charge. Choose a template from our library or roll your own.


Create menus and update content

Creating menus is easy with a native application. SEO friendly URLs are created when you update content. Choose from WordPress or Joomla or routing and use the local preview to optimise your navigation.


Build site and deploy to cloud

Setup you cloud target of your choice. Build with the static site generator for local preview or live to deploy to the cloud of your choice.

How It Works?

YouDoCMS is a native Mac and Windows application for building websites and alternative to the most popular website builders such as, Wix, Squarespace, Weebly and 1&1 ionos. YouDoCMS uses templates for layout however that is where the similarity ends.

Hosted solutions incur server running costs and a typical basic plan for a personal site is around £100 per year. YouDoCMS includes a server running on your local computer and the features of our free version are comparable to a hosted basic plan

If you are going to invest time and money designing a website, why would you want to pollute the user experience with adverts over which you have no control? Our free plan does exactly what it says on the tin. It is free to use, free to deploy and does not include adverts.

Sites built with YouDoCMS load twice as fast as a hosted CMS. Analysis of CMS performance for the 2022 edition the Web Almanac show WordPress, Wix and Joomla barely achieving a 40% core web vitals score. Static sites developed with YouDoCMS can achieve 100% and on mobile speed matters.

Free Download

1. Domains and Templates

YouDoCMS supports multiple domains/sites and templates

Create a new site from scratch in minutes or import from Joomla! or WordPress. Select a local folder to store your site assets and build the preview. 

Our library of templates is updated frequently on GitHub. Three templates are included in the default installation to demonstrate the ease of use of our website builder. Our static site builder generates pages locally for preview and then builds for your hosted domain for a single click deployment to the cloud in seconds.

  • Import data from Joomla! or WordPress.
  • Multiple sites and templates.
  • Site Backup included.
  • Free version includes deployment to AWS, Cloudflare, Google, GitHub Pages and Azure.

2. Manage Content

YouDoCMS includes a database, TinyMCE HTML editor, static site generator and webserver plus bootstrap templates. Create a website in a single application.

Edit your content directly in YouDoCMS including the insertion of images and URLs. Create menus, pages and posts. Manage categories and tags. Use modules and widgets and allocate to individual pages to personalise content and improve SEO.

If you have downloaded your images folder using our FTP browser then the editor is configured to use this path so you can browse for images to include in your article content.

  • Same HTML editor as Joomla and WordPress.
  • Media Manager.
  • Image paths maintained on import.
  • Source code editor.
How Headless Works

3. Build and Deploy

YouDoCMS integrates with Azure, Cloudflare, AWS, GitHub and Google Firebase. Each of these cloud providers offer a generous free tier for hosting a static site.

YouDoCMS integrates with node.js for single click install of each cloud API. A single domain can use any supported cloud so you can test which platform is best for your project. 

AWS, Cloudflare, Google, GitHub Pages and Azure all include a free plan to host a static website for free. Details of the free hosting plans with the 5 cloud platforms can be here.

  • Free Bootstrap themes including widgets.
  • Free hosting with AWS, Cloudflare, Google, GitHub Pages and Azure. 
  • Single click build and deploy to cloud.
  • Custom Domain CNAME setup.
CDN Integration

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing a CMS can be confusing please read the guide to headless vs WordPress.

Static sites are suitable for the most common website types which is blogs corporate portfolio landing pages and directories. YouDoCMS static sites include search but if you require forms or e-commerce then a hosted solution is currently the best option.

YouDoCMS integrates with the Algolia search engine. Algolia has a free plan so site search can be incorporated into any static site.

Yes it is. All of the cloud hosting providers offer a free tier which is suitable for the majority of low traffic websites. See our guide to static site web hosting to compare the features and benefits of five major cloud platforms.

YouDoCMS is a desktop application which pre-renders your pages before uploading to the cloud. Therefore the static sites built with YouDoCMS are 100% secure and cannot be hacked.