Migrate Joomla to Headless CMS

How to migrate Joomla to a Headless CMS.


Import Content

Static site generators such as Jekyll include tools to import from Joomla! however this simply converts the HTML to markdown. As a Joomla! user why not stick with HTML and import the content from MySQL.



Template's have been feature of Joomla! since version 1. If you are migrating your site why not use your existing template with YouDoCMS and avoid unnecessary complication.



Avoid breaking the navigation of your website at all costs. Google never forgets a URL and you will squander your crawl budget while Googlebot looks for old URL's.

Convert Joomla to static HTML?

There is more to moving to the Jamstack than save as HTML.

Static sites are faster and more secure than a traditional CMS like Joomla!. However the benefits come at the expense of the convenience of editing and instantly publishing your content. Using a headless CMS to migrate an existing Joomla! site requires planning. A seamless transition is essential to avoid breaking the navigation or SEO scores thus spoiling your hard earned Google search ranking.

Fortunately there is a solution. YouDoCMS includes a MySQL connector to import from Joomla! and preserve all of your content, menus and SEO features.

CMS Import

Joomla Articles

YouDoCMS imports your articles directly from MySQL. On import, any URL's embedded within the HTML and referencing the local menu system, are rewritten from the PHP original to the static equivalent URL.

Imported articles are also related directly to the same categories as Joomla!. Articles can be moved between categories published and unpublished and related to menus in exactly the same way as Joomla!

All the individual parameters associated with the article are also imported along with the published status and information.

  • Maintain existing URLS.
  • Publishing Status and Ordering.
  • Article image URLS.
  • Joomla SEO for html suffix option.
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Joomla Categories

Categories are directly imported from MySQL including any subcategories. All images category parameters, publish status and options are also imported.

Any URLs within the category description are rewritten from the PHP original to the new static URL. Where applicable a rewrite record is created within the SEO module..

  • Category descriptions.
  • Category and sub-categories.
  • Publishing options.
  • SEO meta and Tags.
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Migrate Menus.

Organise your menus with drag and drop. Place multiple menus on the page without coding just like Joomla. Use the menus to allocate and modules to specific pages to customise the layout of your site..

  • Page specific menu modules and positions.
  • Publishing Status and Ordering.
  • Joomla! SEF settings on import.
  • Automatic creation of 301 redirects.
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Joomla Modules.

Import the same modules as Joomla. Incorporate menus, category lists,  single articles, featured, news, tags and custom html blocks at any position.

  • Menu modules.
  • Category Lists inc sub category.
  • Article, news and featured lists.
  • Tag cloud and list.

replacing joomla?

YouDoCMS is the ideal choice for many use cases.


Menu types and menu items are imported together with the menu module. The menu system works exactly the same as your existing Joomla! CMS.

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All Joomla! module types are imported for categories, subcategories, latest news, tags and custom HTML. These can be incorporated into the HTML template using the position parameter.

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URL Redirects are managed automatically when you rename an alias or a category. If you rename the parent category all the child URLs are also rewritten. The redirect rules are deployed automatically to the cloud.

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In addition to articles and categories tags are supported together with the relationship between the tags and your content. Ensuring that your site works in exactly the same way as it did before but serverless.

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