Headless CMS desktop application 

A headless CMS application running on your local machine.

A headless CMS decouple's your content from your live website. This has a number of benefits. Traditional content management systems do not include local previews and require a separate staging server for updated content and testing. Alternatively they use a publishing schedule to update the site and retire old content. The majority of headless content management systems are similar to a staging server where you can build for local preview. However for deployment they use a static site generator connected to the cloud to build and deploy the site. Deployment of static sites using a content delivery network is termed serverless because you are no longer using the CMS to generate the pages dynamically. 

YouDoCMS is a headless cms in one application for mac and windows. The application is serverless no host server required.


Headless CMS

A headless content management (see headless vs serverless vs traditional) system running on your local computer. Zero configuration is required simply download the program and install on your computer. YouDoCMS works just like your favourites (WordPress and Joomla!) and integrates with each of the major cloud providers using node.js or the CLI executable to deploy serverless to the cloud directly from your desktop.

  • No hosted server. Your computer your data.
  • Multiple sites.
  • Backup included.
  • Free version includes deployment to Github Pages.

Manage Content

YouDoCMS is a static site generator with GUI using the same TinyMCE HTML editor as Joomla! and WordPress. Edit your content directly in our application including the insertion of images and URLs. After import you can manage your content in exactly the same way as you did previously and generate static pages in fractions of a second.

If you have downloaded your images folder using our FTP browser then the editor is configured to use this path so you can browse for images to include in your article content.

  • Same HTML editor as Joomla and WordPress.
  • Media Manager.
  • Image paths maintained on import.
  • Source code editor.

Build Site

Our headless cms includes a static site generator to build and preview on localhost base url or build a live site for cloud deployment to any of the supported content delivery networks. Local preview allows validation of all URLs and test for 404 errors before deployment using the web log analyser. 

  • Build and preview on localhost.
  • Joomla! SEF settings.
  • WordPress permalinks settings.
  • Pretty urls and .hmtl prefix support.

Cloud Deployment

Our headless cms is integrated with the major cloud API's for serverless deployment. Create a custom domain, set up SSL certificates, build, verify and deploy your site in minutes. Build to test or switch multiple sites and multiple CDN's supported. 

  • AWS S3 and Cloudfront node.js API.
  • Cloudflare node.js API.
  • Google Firebase API.
  • Microsoft Azure Edge CLI integration.

Multiple Sites

Create multiple static sites each with a different template.  Unlimited sites at no extra cost.

Clone an existing site and test new designs with the included zero-configuration local staging server. Use the web crawler to the local site to catch any 404 errors before deployment. 

Each domain can integrate to all five supported cloud providers. Test and deploy the same site to different static host providers using a domain prefix and automatic robots.txt to avoid Google indexing while testing.

Existing CMS? Import multiple websites from Joomla or WordPress each with a separate template library. Each site maintains its own set of preferences for connections to cloud host providers.

  • Multiple sites and clone domain.
  • Local web crawler.
  • CDN Testing.
  • Site Backup and Restore.
  • Robots disable indexing.
  • WordPress/Joomla import.

going serverless?

Save time and money and speed up your site with YouDoCMS.

Test Local

The desktop application comes with a zero-configuration built-in Web server allowing instant previews of a page when editing.

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Minify html

Our deployment tool includes HTML minification to make your pages as fast as possible.

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Our application incorporates a backup archive to save the database, all images and templates including a single click restore.

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Deploy Cloud

Deploy your static site to all of the major cloud providers including automatic cache validation to update the site on the CDN.

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CDN Deployment?

Automate CDN Deployment


Github Pages

Our free versions includes migration from Joomla! and WordPress and free hosting with Github Pages.

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CDN Support

Deploy to AWS S3 and Cloudfront. Cloudflare Pages, Google Firebase and Microsoft Azure Edge.

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SEO Optimisation

Flesch reading ease score, keyphrase usage, JSON-LD and related search terms for focus keywords.

Static Site Seo

Web Log Analysis

Import w3c format web logs from file or direct from S3. Eliminate 404 errors and create 301 redirects.

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