Migrate Wordpress to Headless CMS

How to migrate WordPress to the Jamstack.


Import Content

Static site generators such as Jekyll include tools to import from WordPress however this simply converts the HTML to markdown. As a WordPress user why not stick with HTML and import the content from MySQL.



Themes have been feature of WordPress since version 1. If you are migrating your site why not use your existing theme with YouDoCMS and avoid unnecessary complication.



Avoid breaking the navigation of your website at all costs. Google never forgets a URL and you will squander your crawl budget while Googlebot looks for old URL's.

Convert WordPress to static HTML?

There is more to moving to the Jamstack than save as HTML.

Static sites are faster and more secure than a traditional CMS like WordPress. However the benefits come at the expense of the convenience of editing and instantly publishing your content. Using WordPress headless via the REST API or as a static site generator is one option or use a headless CMS to convert a WordPress site to static html.  However both requires planning as a seamless transition is essential to avoid breaking the permalinks or SEO features thus spoiling your hard earned Google search ranking.

Fortunately there is a solution. YouDoCMS includes a MySQL connector to import from WordPress and convert to static html maintaining all content, navigation and SEO features.

CMS Import

Pages and Posts

Import your pages and posts from the WordPress MySQL database into YouDoCMS. On import, all URL'S embedded within the HTML and referencing the local file system, are rewritten from the PHP original to the static equivalent URL.

Imported pages and posts are also related to the same categories as WordPress. Pages and Posts can be moved between categories published and unpublished and related to menus in exactly the same way as WordPress.

Page and Post parameters also imported along with the published status and date ensuring you do not lose any data.

  • Import permalinks and existing URL'S.
  • Publish Status and Date.
  • Image URL'S.
  • Page and Post Tags.
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Categories are imported including any subcategories. All images category parameters, publish status and options are also imported.

Any URLs within the category description are rewritten from the PHP original to the static URL. 

  • Nested categories.
  • Category description.
  • Import slug.
  • Supports Tags.
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Multiple Menus 

Import the menus from your site with the existing locations. Multiple menus are supported. The menu system works exactly the same as your existing Wordpress CMS and includes additional functionality not available on WordPress.

  • Create menu aliases.
  • Multiple menu types for pages, posts, categories and tags.
  • 301 re-directs if you rename or delete a menu.
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Media Library.

Import all of your existing images via FTP from your WordPress site. The folder structure is recreated so all of the image URLs within your pages and posts remain valid.

  • Import to a local folder via FTP.
  • Preview images on your local machine.
  • Batch resize images to create responsive formats.
  • Local image paths are available to the TinyMCE editor.


Tags are imported with expanded functionality and two types of tag widget.

Category Lists 

Our category widget incorporates lists of subcategories and lists of pages or posts.

Any Location

Incorporate a widget in any location and include on any page. You are no longer restricted to the sidebar.

Page List

Our page list widget can display pages by category or subcategory. You are no longer restricted to show all pages in the page list.

Wordpress widgets?

Import your default site widgets.

If you have default widgets already defined for your site these are imported and available to include in your new template. Unlike WordPress you can incorporate any widget in any location on any page. If you incorporate the same widget on two separate pages a single URL is created to default location to avoid duplicate content.

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App Features

YouDoCMS is the only app you need to create fast responsive serverless websites.

Cloud Integration

Deploy your static site to all of the major cloud providers including automatic cache validation to update the site on the CDN.

Static Site Builder

Static sites are faster and more secure. Build local and deploy to cloud without paying for builds.

Local Site Previews

YouDoCMS includes a zero-configuration Web server allowing instant previews of a page or site.

Responsive Images

Optimise your site with responsive images. Automatically create up to 4 thumbnail images using preset dimensions.

Theme Library

YouDoCMS Includes a free open source template library on Github.

Yoast Compatible

YouDoCMS is compatible with the Yoast. Calculate the readability score and manage meta information to improve your search results.