CMS Static Site Generator

What is YouDocms?

YouDoCMS is a desktop CMS and static site generator designed to manage content, generate static pages and upload to the cloud.


Simple Templates

Our template language is easy to follow which can be used with any HTML template. In most cases you can convert your CMS to static in a couple of hours.

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Built-in web server

Our desktop CMS includes a zero-configuration web server running on localhost. Simply select the path on your local machine to your project folder and you are ready to go.

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Node Js Integration

Automatically download the required modules to analyse your content and minify html when you publish the site to your CDN. You do not need to configure node from the command line.

Node CLI

Publish Site

Store your cloud credentials locally no need for the command line. Publish your site and upload to the cloud of your choice with a single click. Build and deploy in minutes. 

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why is YouDocms different?

Jekyll, Hugo, 11T there are many static site generators out there however they all have one thing in common. Inconvenience.

Developers might be interested in using a text editor and writing markdown but what about the rest of us. There is a reason why WordPress is the most popular CMS on the Internet, ease-of-use.

YouDoCMS replicates the ease-of-use of WordPress and Joomla! to build static sites that give you the benefit of speed and security.

Our desktop application includes all of the tools you need to manage content, build a static site, deploy to the cloud and measure the site's performance using the server web logs.

Our free website builder incorporates everything you need to create a site and deploy to the cloud including example templates. All you need to do is enter your content.

Free Website Builder

No you do not need to learn markdown. YouDoCMS includes the TinyMCE HTML editor which is the default editor for both WordPress and Joomla!. Why reinvent the wheel.

Dedicated static site generators such as Hugo and Jekyll are very fast however all they do is build pages. YouDoCMS generates static pages and it might be slightly slower. However YouDoCMS is about productivity. Try re-organising content in Hugo or Jekyll, creating 301 re-directs and regenerating the pages after updates. There is only one winner.

Content can be reorganised in exactly the same way as WordPress or Joomla!. Content can be published or unpublished, included into multiple categories and tags. Menus can be moved with drag-and-drop. If you change a URL a 301 is created automatically.

Yes it really is free. The free version has limited features but includes everything you need to get started, build a static site and deploy to AWS, CloudFlare, GitHub Pages, Google Firebase and Azure Static Web Apps. See the pricing page for comparison of our different versions.

YouDoCMS supports pretty URL's or the .html extension. If you are importing from WordPress or Joomla! you can choose to use the same URL scheme as your original CMS.

Any HTML template or CMS theme can be used with YouDoCMS. We have a simple template language and if you have a basic knowledge of HTML then any template can easily be incorporated. Allowing you to continue with your existing look and feel. Alternatively YouDoCMS includes a selection of templates which can be repurposed very quickly.