Go Serverless CMS

3 reasons to Go Serverless with the Jamstack.



Static sites are faster and speed is a known Google metric particularly on mobile. A high bounce rate is a symptom of slow loading pages.



Static sites are secure and are not targeted which in turn reduces wasteful traffic. Its a win for you and the environment.


Cost Effective

Reduce your costs with Serverless low cost or free cloud hosting. Build and host for free with Github pages and YouDoCMS.

What is a Serverless CMS?

Is a headless the same as serverless CMS.

A headless cms de-couple's the content management of the backend from the publication of the site on the front end. The majority of headless cms are dependent upon a hosted back-end server which is used to manage the content. The other option is a self hosted serverless cms application which is used for content management locally in conjunction with a static site generator to publish the site to a CDN. YouDoCMS is both a headless and serverless cms.

In conjunction with cloud APIs via JavaScript static pages generated by a serverless CMS can provide interaction for the user. This platform is known as the Jamstack.

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The Need for Speed

For those old enough to remember the original websites that were based on static HTML. These were replaced by content management systems such as WordPress. The advent of the cloud and the spread of JavaScript enabling automation within the browser has given rise to the new generation of static websites based upon JavaScript and API's. The so called JAMstack.

  • Sites load 50% faster.
  • Faster sites have a higher search ranking.
  • Reduce your bounce rate with faster loading pages.
  • 100% secure cannot be hacked.
Static Sites

Improve Search Ranking

It is a fact that page speed is a direct factor used by Google to rank pages. As proof they have introduced tools for you to measure the speed of your site. Google's PageSpeed Insights Speed Score provides reports on important speed metrics for SEO.  Serverless sites allow you to optimise your page load speed and improve your visitors experience.

  • YouDoCMS pre-renders pages on your desktop.
  • Content delivery network speed.
  • Optimise responsive images.
  • Minify js and css files.
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Security By Design

Static serverless sites are inherently secure for one simple reason. They do not rely on a traditional web server. Joomla! and WordPress dominate the web and are continuously targeted by unscrupulous hackers. If you're currently using one take a look in your log file to see the spurious requests trying to steal data (see image). For the vast majority of personal blogs or corporate marketing and communication websites it is secure by design.

  • No Operating System to update.
  • No PHP version upgrades.
  • No Database to access.
  • No server to configure.
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